Jumping Balls

Jumping Balls 1.5

Eliminate all balls by jumping over them and ensure a super high score
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Jumping Balls is a simple game in which you have to eliminate all or almost all the colored balls appearing on the board.
To eliminate the balls on the board simply take one of them and jump over another one. To do this just click on any ball to select it, and then click on a target position to make the ball jump to that position, the ball effectively in the middle will disappear.

You can jump more than one ball at a time only if the two target balls are of the same color. The ball you choose to eliminate other balls should be of different color or the jump will simply not be executed. The game will detect when there are no alternative moves left, at that moment the game will be finished and you will be able to see your score. If it's high enough, you can choose to publish it on the site's high score board to share your results with the world. The game is only a trial version and you have to buy it to unlock several playing modes, sounds, and features.

Unfortunately, the graphics are very simple and not cheerful at all, causing a strong sensation of boredom after playing it for a few minutes.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Puts you to think and use your brain


  • Boring after a while due to simplicity
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